Truly anonymous & local photo sharing! No login required, and no restriction to your campus. Create & exchange PikShares with nearby users wherever you are! Piks are shared to users near you & disappear after a short time, creating a live and local vibe. Find out what’s happening around you right now!


Functions & Features

~Full size pictures only, no cropped images here

~PikShares can be saved to your device allowing for easy sharing

~Never send another group pic again, just PikShare it

~Use the optional text and scribble functions to unlock your creative side

~GPS location technology allows you to find the best photos wherever you are

~Vacations, concerts, and sporting events are all great venues for PikShare

~Engage with your community through interactive posts & replies

~Vote on posts to determine how long they stay


If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please email our team at Support@appollomobile.com